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Unofficial* Club Motto - "It Smacks of Incompetence"

Now well over 30 years of existence, surviving through an anachronistic mixture of democratic anarchy and polite chaos. The Club runs two nights a week every Monday and Thursday at "Escape" which is just by Mornington Crescent Tube. The pub serves pizzas and some curry-type dishes as well - highly recommended wargaming food!
We meet at about 7-ish on Mondays and Thursdays and play most things. There are usually at least 4-5 games going on of various sorts (sometimes many more). Ancients is just about the most popular, although there can be everything from ACW ships to Space ships, skirmishes to massed battles, 6mm to 28mm, as well as boardgames. On both nights we have room for more players and more games... L'art de la Guerre Ancients & King of the Battlefield (penned by a club member) are probably the most popular right now, but a range of other things are played too.

The key fact is that we meet in a PUB, and technically and legally we aren't even a club as we have no membership fee, no committee, no club constitution and none of that boring political stuff that goes with it. Did I mention that there is a bar? The Escape is fairly near Euston Station. It is outside the Congestion zone, but that finishes at 630pm anyway, and there is also parking nearby.  There is also a bit of a website at www.clwc.org.uk
* having an "official" motto would not really be very "Central London". In fact, the mere suggestion of having anything "official" at all would probably get you thrown out. If we could be organised enough to do it of course.

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